Customer Testimonials

"We have used Leafgro® for more than 25 years on lawns for over seeding every Fall and on occasion in the Spring for spot seeding. The results are phenomenal. Our germination rates are very high, and although we do not collect clippings when we mow, we have zero thatch. We keep a supply on hand for planting summer annuals and for amending any poor soils. Our company had a large aerial photo done of our properties which also showed the White House grounds. I love to point out to our CEO how our grass is greener than the lawn of the White House. We also feel that regular top dressing has kept weed seeds from germinating making our weed control much less costly. Leafgro® is one of our most important "secrets" in keeping ahead of the competition." - Jock (Reinch Construction)

"I love it, it is some of the best stuff in the world!" - Jerome B. (Baltimore)

"It's very good, so good we can't keep it in!" - Don (DC Materials)

"It's Leafgro® - it's great!" - Jerry (Denisons)

"We had been looking for a good compost for a long time, and heard Mike McGrath say that it was 'great stuff' and he gave it a thumbs up. Now my wife says that she 'can't get enough of it.'" - Buzz (New Jersey)

"What a great product, we use it all the time. It is very consistent in its quality and all I can say is 'Wow!'" - Jay (Evergreen Gene's

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