Leading the way to Zero Waste – Composting food scraps with yard waste!

Leafgro® bag
Leafgro GOLD® is produced and marketed by Maryland Environmental Service for Prince George’s County, Maryland. Leafgro GOLD® is created by composting a mixture of yard waste and food scraps diverted from regional landfills. The composting is a continuous process at the Prince George’s County Organic Composting Facility. After the composting process is completed, the product is dried, screened and sold only in Prince George's County under the registered trade name of Leafgro GOLD®.

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Recommended Uses

  • Establishment and top dressing of lawns
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and vegetables
  • Outdoor potting soil

Benefits of using Leafgro® Gold

  • Adds necessary nutrients
  • Promotes deeper and healthier roots
  • Wards off plant diseases
  • Reduces watering
  • Safe around children and pets