Leafgro FAQ

Where can I buy Leafgro®?
At most fine garden centers. To find a location near you, visit our retailers page or contact us.

What is the composition of Leafgro®?
Yard waste, primarily grass clippings, and leaves.

How is Leafgro® sold?
In both bag and bulk.

Can I use it on my vegetable garden?
Yes, it does not contain harmful metals.

Is Leafgro® tested?
Yes, it is tested quarterly at an independent lab recommended by the US Composting Council.

Is Leafgro® safe for pets and/or children?
Yes, Leafgro® is safe for both pets and children.

Can Leafgro® be used as a mulch?
Yes, but we don’t recommend it because mulch is used to suppress growth and Leafgro® encourages growth.

We are installing a new garden, should we use straight Leafgro® or mix it with the existing soil?
It is best to mix the Leafgro® 50/50 with the existing soil. This way, when the roots grow and “hit” the original soil, it will not be foreign to them.

I want to use organic pesticides, but they don’t seem to last as long. Am I doing something wrong?
No, most organic pesticides are “contact kill," which means that they must come into contact with the offending insect. Beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, can be used to control insects such as aphids. Ladybugs can be purchased at most garden centers or through mail order. Remember, the healthier the plant, the fewer problems it will have.

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